What Makes Your Teeth White?

Most of the people admire a smile with white teeth. If they do not have white teeth naturally then they usually use artificial methods for this purpose. Most of the people in their younger age do not recognize the fact how their white teeth get discolored with the passage of time and what makes your teeth white while using various whitening treatments. So, lets look at some of the facts.

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Features of white teeth: Initially you have white teeth since they grow for the first time. According to various dental experts, the smooth and white porcelain like protective natural layer of enamel covers your teeth from the very beginning. This layer not only protects your teeth from the harmful effect of chewing and grinding food (along with the effect of food acids) but also provides them an attractive look.

Effects on enamel:┬áThe enamel on your teeth degrades with the passage of time. According to experts microscopic cracks develop and erode away at this protective layer with age. Your teeth start staining when food particles trap in these cracks which, in turn, affects the underlying surface of the teeth. It discolors the teeth as the material underlying the surface enamel is made of dentin, a … More